Free demo version Caromee

Test our free demo version with limited scope of operation:
Release Notes

Scope of operation
The demo version is fully functional with all applications but restricts in measuring in a maximum of two minutes. 

System requirements
• Hardware  
  - Processor: Dual-Core CPU x86, at least 1.5GHz
  - Memory (RAM): at least 2GB
  - Hard disk memory: at least 2GB
  - Display: at least Resolution of 1024x768 High Color (16bit)
  - USB: one unused USB-Port for dongle license
  - Mouse/Keyboard

• Operating System
   - Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32-Bit
   - Microsoft Windows 7 32-Bit / 64-Bit


The demo version requires a free activation after installation while starting the application. The activation takes place only with a fulfilled form. Eberspächer Electronics reserves the right to deny the activation. Only professional users are allowed to use the demo software
Information about BIOS, CPU-ID and hard disk serial number are included in generated request file.

Use the License Manager for activation:

  1. Fill out the fields “Name“, “Company”, “Department”, “Phone number” and “E-Mail”
  2. Confirm the data privacy statement.
  3. Click the button “Generate Request”. A “file save as…” dialog is opened. Select the folder to save the generated request file. The request file is a „Wibu context file (file extension “WibuCmRaC”).
    Notice: The request can only generated if all input fields are filled out and if the data privacy statement is confirmed.
  4. Send the generated request file to with subject “Caromee Demo key”. Based on your information, an activation file is generated and send to you.

After receiving the activation file (this is a “Wibu update file”, file extension “WibuCmRaU”), click the button “Activate” within the License Manager dialog. A “file open…” dialog is opened. Select the received activation file and click “OK”. Now your application is activated as demo version.
The activation can also be done with the Wibu Codemeter software. A link to the Wibu CodeMeter software can be found in the start menu at Programs -> CodeMeter.

The Eberspächer Terms and Conditions for Software Use can be found here. Installation of the demo software requires consent to these terms.


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